FMPay | Acquiring


FMPay provides a secure out-of-the-box solution that is simple to integrate and versatile enough to fit any business model of any size. We act on your behalf to provide a seamless customer experience from checkout to settlement. FMPay allows a business to accept Mastercard® and Visa®, mobile DSRP as well as recurring and one-click payments.

How it works

Once the onboarding process and technical integration are complete, you are ready to accept payments. Depending on your choice and PCI-DSS compliance status, you will either collect the card details yourself and pass those on to us, forward the customer to a branded payment page on our server, show this page in IFrame or manually generate a payment link from the back office. Each step of the process in our system is fully adjustable and you may fine-tune the payment page and adjust your anti-fraud settings at any time.companyIf you have any questions, our Customer Service Manager will be in touch with you to solve any potential issues.

Getting started

We strive to review your application within 1-2 business days once we have received all supporting documents for your website as well as incorporation documents for your company.

1. Please contact us by providing a few details about your business.

2. Our onboarding specialist will contact you to discuss your requirements.

3. We will send you a link to upload your documents.

4. The onboarding team will review your documents and send you a service contract.

5. You can then start integration of your back-office applications or use our GUI.


The service is guided by Payment Card Networks and we are required to ensure that all rules are followed.
Your business: Please make sure that your contact information is visible and can be found easily on your website. Such information shall include: your company name; registration details, including registration number; contact email, contact phone number and correspondence instructions.
Your services / goods: Please make sure that all services and goods have clear descriptions of their features, validity, limitations, price and terms of delivery.
Legal: Terms and Conditions of Business as well as Terms of Refund / Return shall be published and visible to your customers.
Information and security: Please publish the Customer Information Security Procedures and Privacy Policy