Original Credit Transfer

Original Credit Transfer (OCT) or MoneySend is an alternative way to send funds both domestically and abroad, provided by Visa® and Mastercard®. This method is often faster and cheaper compared to other payment methods, such as SWIFT. OCT allows you to deposit money directly into a cardholder’s account in a number of countries in a matter of seconds.cardThis service is often used for mass payments in different currencies across various jurisdictions, such as insurance disbursements and payments to gig economy workers.

How it works

Step 1

Fund your account with FMPay with the amount you would like to transfer

Step 2

Enter the transfer details with GUI/API

Step 3

MPay sends credit instructions to the card holder’s issuing institution via the Mastercard® MoneySend system

Step 4

The money will be credited to the recipient account quickly, with the amount transferred becoming available immediately

Getting started

We strive to review your application within 1-2 business days once we have received all supporting documents for your website as well as incorporation documents for your company.skate

1. Please contact us by providing a few details about your business.

2. Our onboarding specialist will contact you to discuss your requirements.

3. We will send you a link to upload your documents.

4. The onboarding team will review your documents and send you a service contract.

5. You can then start integration of your back-office applications or use our GUI.


The service is regulated by Visa® and Mastercard® and we are required to ensure that a number of rules are followed.
Please provide us with your expected turnover, where you want to send the OCT payments and for what purpose.As not all countries and payment types are supported, we want to ensure that all your payments will be processed without being rejected.
Please make sure you provide correct and up- to - date information with each transfer.We need this to ensure that funds reach the intended recipient as well as comply with laws and regulations regarding money laundering and terrorist financing.
At the moment it is not possible to make OCT transfers for activities that involve cryptocurrencies, gambling and gaming.