Be a part of FMPay today

Be a part of FMPay today

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FMPay is a dynamic, fast moving company that not only invests in creating quality payment solutions, but also in the team of individuals working hard to achieve this. We’re looking for people from any background or field of experience who believe passionately in achieving these goals together, from the legal to the regulatory, the financial to the technical and from sales to risk management.

Why work for FMPay?

You will be at the forefront of fintech services. Your input will valued and essential to the growth of our company. We welcome employees who are not afraid to put forward innovative and challenging ideas, both when working in teams or taking the lead in your own projects.

Work vs Life

FMPay firmly believe in the value of a sustainable work-life balance, so we offer flexible working hours, whether it be from an office space or from home. The completion of a project is more important than where or when it is done, which means you can take ownership of your work as well as feel free to pursue your own interests.

Our Culture

Our culture is at the heart of our operations. Integrity, accountability and a safe working environment are key features of our business. We promote diversity and the fair treatment of all employees. We value our clients and ensure that they receive a platinum standard service.

Investing in People

We are investors in people and your continuing professional development is one of our top priorities. We will give you the time and funding to gain professional qualifications that are relevant to your role and development. More information on the opportunities on offer at FMPay can be found in our Linkedin profile.

You are also welcome to send your CV or resumé to [email protected]

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